European posters (1914-1945)

European posters (1914-1945)
Voilà les Américains, 1917-1918 ?. © Coll. BDIC

Beginning with the Paris Commune of 1871, the collection of European posters at the Library of Contemporary International Documentation (BDIC) counts more than 100,000 documents covering a large part of the history of the 20th century (daily life, political and social debates, events of world impact). Principally consisting of First World War posters, the collection also holds posters treating French political life during the inter-war period and of events such as the Dreyfus Affair, the Russian Civil War and Revolution, the rise of Fascism and Nazism, and the Spanish Civil War.
The project aims to pursue the digitization of these documents, which, because of their size and fragility, are hardly accessible. There is consideration in the framework of the cluster on the modalities of making these collections available. The questions of modeling access and of the contextualization of documents will be tackled. It is envisioned, for example, to develop a digital kit destined for middle schools and high schools. The project is also the occasion to carry out investigations on the reception of heritage via digitized collections, a problematic at the core of the cluster.

Project leader
Valérie TESNIERE, curator general of libraries, directress of the Library of Contemporary International Documentation

Internal cluster partners
Library of Contemporary International Documentation (BDIC);
Institute for Social Sciences of Politics (ISP);
Models, Dynamics, Corpus (MODYCO)

Associated partners
Hauts-de-Seine Regional Council;
Public Interest Group (GIP) Centenary 14-18

Duration: 2 years