Participate! Heritage and participative devices
From 05 October 2017 to 06 October 2017

9AM-6PM Free entrance - Compulsory Registration

Auditorium Colbert

As the recourse to the digital technology does not stop developing, the participative projects multiply, in particular in the cultural and heritage domain. Yet, for heritage particularly, the participation of the public did not appear with the only development of the digital tools but was always one of the stakes in the cultural democratization. The collaborative practices of today pursue with new tools the same objectives. They contribute to the identification, to the enrichment, to the knowledge and to the appropriation of the cultural heritage.

These professional days will be the occasion to assess actions taken by the heritage institutions and the various implied actors, to analyze the results to envisage better the perspectives opened by these new tools. They can lean on experience feedback as well as on results of recent research works. This cross-reflection between professionals and researchers will allow to tackle the following questions: the history of the participation in the heritage domain, the various modes and the modalities of the participation today, the engineering of the participative devices, and, in conclusion, a critical and forward-looking reflection drawing the orientations and the modalities of the participative of tomorrow.

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Auditorium Colbert
9AM-6PM Free entrance - Compulsory Registration _____