The doctoral student conferences

The doctoral student conference is organized every year, in fall, by the PhD students who earned a fellowship of the Pasts in the Present cluster. This is the occasion to present their research and discuss scientific and methodological issues with other PhD students and researchers from the cluster and beyond.


Conference 3 - Tuesday, November 23, 2016

How does one research the past? Engaging archives in a digital context

This 3rd doctoral student conference proposes, this year, a reflection on the methodological practices and how they are part of a digital context. It is intended to be collegial and transversal for the labex’s different academic disciplines. Elle se veut collégiale et transversale aux différentes disciplines académiques du labex. It is structured in workshops during which participants will discuss methodological questions, generalized from specific examples.

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Conference 2 - Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Which pasts for the present ?

If the first doctoral conference, in 2014, sought to rediscover memories of the past in present sites/locations, this year there will a complementary perspective. After having studied the survival of the past in the present, it will now be the moment to address the uses of the past, to know how it is used for political, cultural, and social ends in contemporary contexts and discourses about patrimonialization.

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Conference 1 - Monday, November 17, 2014

Between remembrance and evocation : grasping the past(s) of a place

This conference attempts to take a fresh look at the relationship between place(s) and memory(s) by exploring the question of how a place is remembered, and the representations that these memories generate amongst those who remember. Place, here, can be thought of as a tool or instrument; a starting point for understanding the past. By examining representations of the past by way of place(s), we are able to approach the complex relationship between individual memories and public narrative. The participants of the conference will focus on the relationship of the past through the social practices of a place, primarily at a local level.

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