09 Décembre 2021


Online workshop: thursday 9th december 2021 3-5pm (CET)


Potree is a web-based point cloud viewer which allows us to stream huge unwieldy hundred gigabyte 3D models in a browser as you might stream a youtube video. The simple implementation, building on open source tools, allows us to easily visualise and link complex objects and collections, promising to improve the way we capture, visualize, analyze, archive, and disseminate our data. In this presentation we explore the Potree viewer and 4 case studies related to important world heritage sites. Potree short presentation

Keywords: 3D models, data visualisation, cultural heritage



  • 3:00pm (CET): Introduction, Patrick Michel (université de Lausanne)
  • 3:05pm: Potree for « dummies »: tips and guidelines (20 min). Scott McAvoy (UC San Diego, Scripps Center for Marine Archaeology).
  • Case studies (15 min presentation / 5 min questions):

○ 3:25pm: Delphi4Delphi - Presenting a geo-located collection of high quality 3D scans of sculptures provided by the Delphi Museum, along with reconstructions, maquettes, aerial balloon imagery, and astronomical visualisation tools. Scott McAvoy (UC San Diego, Scripps Center for Marine Archaeology).

○ 3:45pm: Digitalisation & visualisation of the Chauvet cave / work in progress. Ministère de la Culture (France). Thomas Sagory, (musée d’Archéologie nationale domaine national de Saint-Germain-en-Laye) and Antoine Laurent (CNRS, UMR 5608 TRACES et MSHS de Toulouse).

○ 4:05pm: Projet “Collart-Palmyre”, Institut d’archéologie et des sciences de l’antiquité, Digitalization of and access to Paul Collart’s archive on Baalshamin Temple in Palmyra. Patrick Michel, université de Lausanne.

○ 4:25pm: Project “Digitalization of and access to the Saint-Symon archaeological Archives”, Université Paris Nanterre and Institut français du Proche-Orient. Micheline Kurdy, université Paris-Nanterre, Labex les passés dans le présent.

● 4:45-5pm: Questions & Answers



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