Titre:  Ethnomusicologist
Institution:  Laboratoire d'Ethnologie et de Sociologie Comparative, UMR 7186

Participe au projet:  Music and memory politics: emergence, history, appropriations


Since 2014, Séverine Gabry-Thienpont is a Scientific Member of the French Institute of Cairo (Ifao). She defended her PhD "Anthropologie des musiques coptes en Égypte contemporaine" in 2013. Her research focuses now on the religious popular musics in Egypt (christian and muslim mouled, Zar [possession ritual] and songs of praise) and their developments on the urban scene. Thanks to this approach, she tackles:

  1. the interfaith relations and the regional discrepancies in Egypt;
  2. the  interrelationships between the musical repertoires considered as "traditional", the cultural centers (public or private) and the manifold performance spaces;
  3. the circulations, musical creations and cultural exchanges, from the second half of the last century.