Titre:  Research engineer
Fonction:  Head of Project of the Cluster of excellence Pasts in the Present
Institution:  University Paris Nanterre , Cluster of excellence Pasts in the Present

Ghislaine Glasson Deschaumes is a research administrator at the University of Paris Nanterre, an associate member of the Institute for Social Sciences of Politics and a member of the Scientific advisory board of the International College of Philosophy. As a research fellow, she is one of the founders and codirectors of the Scientific Interest Group (GIS) “Heritage Institutions and Intercultural Practices”. She is the founder and director of the international journal of critical thought Transeuropéennes (1993-2015). As a civil society activist, she has initiated and lead many international cooperation programmes, especially « Democratisation and Knowledge in Southeastern Europe » (1993-2004),  « Women Activists Actions Across the Borders » (1999-2004), « Euro-méditerranean Cultural Workshops » (1999-2003), « Translating in the Mediterranean Region » (2008-2014).

Her research interests include cultural translation, issues of language and translation in heritage institutions (museums, archives, libraries), and conditions for knowledge production and circulation, notably from the perspective of the centre-periphery relationship.