Du 09 Juin 2017 au 10 Juin 2017


Centre for Contemporary Art, Glasgow

To mark the fiftieth anniversary of Guy Debord’s influential text The Society of the Spectacle (1967), this joint artistic and critical endeavour will ask what the radical theories and practices of the Situationist International can teach us today. This event will include live performances, talks and round tables. The two-day event is funded by the AHRC (UK) and labex Les passés dans le présent (France), and will focus on the question: what does it means to drift at a time of discipline and closure?

Lynne Friedli, activist and researcher, London
Lone Twin, performance makers, UK
Emilio López-Menchero, artist and performer, Brussels
Graeme Miller, artist and performer, London
Scott Myles/Dominic Paterson, visual artists, Glasgow
David Pinder, academic, Denmark
Lisa Robertson, poet, France
Corin Sworn/Jer Reid/ Kai-Wen Chuang, artist, Glasgow
Cathy Turner, academic, Exeter


Friday 9 June

16.00-16.30   Introductions

Francis McKee (director, CCA), Christian Biet (Université de Paris-Nanterre), Clare Finburgh (University of Kent), Carl Lavery (University of Glasgow)

16.30-17.30   Polarity Boxing (dance)

Corin Sworn with Jer Reid and Kai-Wen Chuang

17.30-18.30   “La Dérive: Sixty Years On” (presentation)

David Pinder

18.30-19.30   Performance

Emilio López-Menchero

20.00 End

Saturday 10 June

11.00-12.00   Performed talk

Lisa Robertson

12.00-12.45   Ice Repose Guy Debord (visual art)

Scott Myles and Dominic Paterson

12.45-14.00   Lunch

14.00-15.00   COUNTERPOINTER (performance)

Graeme Miller

15.00-16.00   ” ‘I’d prefer not to’ Drifting, resisting, sabotage: the tactics of work refusal in contemporary political struggles” (talk)

Lynne Friedli

16.00-16.30   Tea

16.30-17.30   “Adrift in India” (talk)

Cathy Turner

17.30-18.30   Round Table Discussion (artists and speakers)

18.30-19.00   Break

19.00-20.00   Performance

Lone Twin



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Centre for Contemporary Art, Glasgow
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