Workshop #4 - What are the digital issues for scholarly and cultural mediations of the past?

In “The Pasts in the Present” project submitted to the French National Research Agency, we wrote “The CLUSTER is about the issues of a dynamic mediation of the past using complex objects (archives, images, sounds …) and the conditions of their public intelligibility in the context of digital technologies. […] Composed of complex and unique data originating from prehistoric and archeological digs, exotic fieldwork at the hands of 20th-century ethnologists (MAE), or even from the debates in contemporary history (BDIC), the objects shape heretofore fragmented traces of memory into a better understanding of the history of disciplines and of interactions between different societal components.”

In order to deepen these complex relationships between history, heritage, and memory and the changing access to sources engendered by the digital technologies, the MoDRef working group (Modeling, Frames of reference, and Digital Culture) formed in autumn 2012 in a unifying spirit. Its members examine the creation of heritage and scientific data warehouses, their associated references (thesaurus, ontologies, taxonomies) and their processes of appropriating (as much by the general public as by specialists) concepts and ideas that convey these instruments.

This workshop’s objective is to debate the conceptual and technological choices offered to the cluster’s partners and the consequences these choices imply for scholarly and cultural mediation. We are interested more specifically in the cultural, political, and legal questions raised by the availability of specialized vocabularies constructed by public and private institutions using Linked Data distributed across the web.

Following this day-long workshop, the presenters and participants will be invited to submit articles for publication after peer review.

Thursday, April 10th, 2014


Building B, salle des thèses René Rémond B015 (Ground floor)
9h30-17h30, University Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense

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