Symposium Archéo-Éthique
From 25 May 2018 to 26 May 2018

Auditorium, 9h00-18h00


The archeologists face many ethical issues in their daily practices and it is crucial to think about our scientific work in the contemporary world. The aims of the symposium Archeo-Ethique are to show the importance of ethics in archeology by presenting the diversity issues at stake, and to contribute to the development of a singular approach of these questionings in France and in Europe.

List of the topics that will be tackled:

I. What is archeological ethics ?

II. Who does the archelogical heritage belong to ?

III. Tensions between scientific ethics and professional constraints

IV. Archeology and identity construction. How to deal with ideological uses of the results of archeological research ?

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Organisation du colloque - archeo.ethique(AT)



Auditorium, 9h00-18h00 _____