Title:  Senior researcher Emeritus, CNRS
Position:  Scientific adviser
Institution:  Cluster of excellence Pasts in the Present

Pierre Rouillard, Senior researcher, CNRS (member of the unit Archeologies and Sciences of Antiquity, or ArScAn) is the scientific and administrative project manager for the cluster Pasts in the present. Director of the Maison Archeology and Ethnology, René-Ginouvès, from 1999 to 2012, he was president of the national network of twenty-two Maisons of Human Sciences, 2001-2005. Member of the Casa de Velázquez (1973-1976), his research interests follow three main themes (study of the organization of Iberian society; modalities of the Greek settlement in Iberian society; reflections on the Phoenician world), each of which is grounded, initially, on an archeological dig site, and has led to publications.