Nicolas PRÉVÔT

Title:  Assistant professor
Institution:  University Paris Nanterre , Center for research in ethnomusicology (CREM) - LESC

Leader of the project:  The musical heritage of Nanterre's residents

Nicolas Prévôt studied in the Balkans (in Macedonia in particular) the local classification of Gypsy brass bands repertoires and their handling for identity and ideological purposes, before to conduct some research in Middle India (Bastar) about the structural links between a village pantheon and a sacred musical repertoire dedicated to it (played by shawm and kettledrums ensembles). His research, in the Balkans as well as in India, has also concentrated on the status and the power of musicians. The personal practice of wind instruments and the encounter with loud ensembles on the field have led him to question the different ontologies of sound in their relation to the environment. Since the creation of the EMAD masters programme in 2009 at Nanterre, he found a new interest for applied ethnomusicology and leads the action-research project called 'Le patrimoine musical des Nanterriens'.

Ethnomusicologie et recherche-action: Le Patrimoine Musical des Nanterriens

Publisher:  Ateliers d’ethnomusicologie
ISBN:  1662-372X