Practices and challenges of digital curation for the “pasts in the present”
April 11 2016

Salle de séminaire W1 RDC

Université Paris Nanterre

A substantial portion of the labex’s works deal with the exploitation of digitized or native digital collections. Once digitized, the resources cannot simply be distributed on the Internet: they must be formatted, enriched, aggregated, shared, i.e., digitally curated. To accompany these works, the LabEx wishes to undertake a reflection on the curation, conceived as a group of operations, measures, actors, or mediations necessary for the integration and promotion of resources with the digital environment.

To initiate this reflection, we invite you to this LabEx Workshop designed to cross-pollinate your practices, questions, fields with those of participants who have carried out projects of digital curation in different domains.

Consisting of a few key operations (annotation, screenwriting, appropriation, representation), each session is the occasion to present concrete cases to exchange best practices and to outline practical and theoretical responses



10am Welcome

10:10-11:10 Session #1 Annotation

  • Bertrand Lafont, Project Assyronline
  • Vincent Puig (Iri), Project Polemictweet


11:30-12:30 Session #2 Scenario

  • Céline Lèbre (BDIC), Digital toolkit of the BDIC
  • Nicolas Prévôt, "Inouï" webdocumentary, project The musical heritage of Nanterrians


2pm-3pm Session #3 Appropriation

  • Thomas Sagory, Musée d’archéologie nationale de Saint-Germain-en-Laye
  • Xavier Lemarchand, Curation of the INA's websites


15:15pm-16:15pm Session #4 Representation

  • Régis Stauder (BnF), Curation of the Gallica website
  • Gilles Bertin (CNAM), Lisa Chupin (Dicen-IDF), project e-RecolNat




Scientific committee

• Ghislaine Glasson Deschaumes (Labex Les Passés dans le présent),
• Lionel Maurel, (université Paris Lumières),
• Louise Merzeau (université Paris Nanterre - Dicen-IDF),
• Nicolas Sauret (Paris Nanterre - Dicen-IDF - Labex Les Passés dans le présent).



Hélène de Foucaud - hdefouca(AT)



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