Pincevent – Archaeological, Digital, and Audio-Visual Memories (PINCEVENT-MANA)

Pincevent – Archaeological, Digital, and Audio-Visual Memories (PINCEVENT-MANA)

Following on from the 2ARC of the LabEx Pasts in the Present, the Pincevent-MANA project will focus on the international scientific impact of this site, to which André Leroi-Gourhan and his team dedicated themselves from 1964. This project explores archaeological and archival registers in order to undertake epistemological and sociological studies for the benefit of the history of sciences. Digitalisation and audio-visual resources will serve to promote this memory from the dawn of time, and its universal message, both with professionals and the broader public. The notion of mana associated with this project, reflects our desire to call on and investigate Pincevent’s power of attraction. On the one hand, the many encampments of Magdalenian societies reveal a clear attraction for the site over several generations, and thus an undisputed memory of places. On the other hand, several generations of archaeologists have pursued their research here, which has in turn altered the way this site is perceived, and also resulted in the transmission of shared memory. At Pincevent, there is a permanent re-actualisation of the past through the numerous transactions from life to the vestiges and from the vestiges to life. From one end of this temporal thread to the other, all these memories are tangled up in a creative dynamic endlessly renewing the past.

Project Leader

Olivier BIGNON-LAU , CNRS-CRCN - ArScAn UMR 7041 Equipe Ethnologie préhistorique 

Internal cluster partners

  • Archéologies et Sciences de l'Antiquité (ArScAn) - UMR 7041
  • Maison des Sciences de l'Homme Mondes - USR 3225
  • Musée d'Archéologie nationale - Domaine de St-Germain-en-Laye

Associated partners

Service régional de l'archéologie (SRA) d’Île-de-France

Musée de Préhistoire d'Île-de-France de Nemours

Association ArkéoMédia

Get in Situ, relevés, modélisations & valorisations 3D


36 months


Pincevent, mémoire, archéologie, numérique, valorisation