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Déplier Replier

Artists’ Libraries through the Prism of Digital Humanities: Monet’s Library


ISBN:  1777-7852
URL / DOI:  DOI of the journal
Publisher:  Institut national d'histoire de l'art (INHA)


artist's library, artists, digitization, digital library, sources, digital resource, book, reading, archives, research, digital humanities


The project Artists’ Libraries – part of the research program “Pasts in the Present” – aims to provide researchers and the general public not only with lists of works that constitute or constituted artists’ libraries in the nineteenth and the twentieth centuries, but also their dematerialized version. In order to manage the large amount of data, to ensure wide dissemination, and to be able to cross-reference searches around a library, a writer, or a book, the choice to digitize has been made. This article sets out to describe this approach through an extensive bibliography on the subject and by explaining the different stages and the thinking, theoretical as well as practical, that are given rise by such a project.