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European Heritage Days 2014

Circuit 1 : A campus next to slums: birth of a university on the fringe of the blue-collar city (1964-2014)

Circuit guided by Victor Collet, researcher, Université Paris Nanterre

Circuit 2 : From the former city center to the university : industrial and military history (1914-2014)

Circuit guided by Robert Cornaille, President of the Société d'Histoire de Nanterre and Alain Bocquet

Circuit 3 : From the revolutionary university to the towers of La Défense : walking throught the urban upheavals (1964-2014)

Circuit guided by Victor Collet, researcher, and Frédéric Dufaux, Senior lecturer, université Paris Nanterre


This circuits are conceived in the framework of the project "Making and walking the history of Nanterre's university".