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Situation / Diversion : Situationnist International and contemporary performanceontemporaine

Festival of theater, performances, visual art gatherings around the Situationist International

What can we say about the revolutionary movement, the Situationist International (SI), more than 40 years after its official dissolution? Is there any value today in its radical theories and practices? How do today’s artists and cultural organizations appropriating the critical tools of the SI and to what ends? What can the situation, the misappropriation, the deviation teach us in a society governed by a neo-liberal cultural logic? What is current in the connections between art, performance, spectacle, and political action?

Over two days, the team from the universities of Glasgow, Kent, and Paris-Nanterre, with the assistance of American, Belgian, British, Congolese, Italian, Dutch, and French artists, activists, students, and scholars, will present performances and projections for some, critical reflections, round tables, and research presentations in a manner intersecting research and to debate it.

The historical memory and the archives of the SI, its positioning, its rhetorical, political, and artistic actions will be convoked and investigated to think about their linkage with our political and aesthetic present. The goal is to confront the IS in the present via the notion of performance, in an actualizing approach that is practical and creative, critical and festive.

The return match of this first meeting will be June 9-10, 2018 in Glasgow, and, per the host, it will be centered on the notion Drift.

Jules Beckman, Performeur, danseur et musicien, Marseille
Jan Bucquoy, cinéaste, Bruxelles
Alice Carré, Dramaturge, Paris
Manuel Charpy, CNRS Lille3
François Coadou, Philosophe, ENSA Limoges
Ewen Chardronnet, auteur et commissaire d’exposition, Paris
Fabien Danesi, Université Jules Verne, Amiens
Cristina De Simone, Université de Paris Nanterre et Cie Public Chéri
Arnaud Elfort, artiste, Paris
Fabrice Flahutez, Université de Paris Nanterre
Compagnie GK Collective, Pantin
Emmanuel Guy, The New School Parsons Paris
Régis Hebette, Cie Public Chéri - Théâtre l’Échangeur, Bagnolet
Laurence Le Bras, BnF
Le Bachelor, styliste et fondateur de la boutique Connivence, Paris
Emilio Lopez-Menchero, performeur et plasticien, Bruxelles
Patrick Marcolini, GRM, Paris
Graeme Miller, performeur et plasticien, Londres
Pedro Monaville, New-York University Abu Dhabi
Olivier Neveux, ENS, Lyon
Orchy Nzaba, Chorégraphe, Paris - Brazzaville
Marielle Pelissero, Université de Paris Nanterre
Jan Ritsema, Metteur en scène, performeur et Fondateur du Performing Arts Forum
Mirabelle Rousseau & le collectif T.O.C., Paris
Bérénice Serra, plasticienne, Zurich
Selma Lepart, plasticienne, Paris
Vanessa Theodoropoulou, Esba TALM, Angers
Sacha Todorov, CNSAD/PSL, Paris
Collectif Tremblements, collectif de cinéma expérimental, Paris
Karel Vanhaesebrouck, Université Libre de Bruxelles
Benjamin Verdonck, performeur et plasticien, Bruxelles