Memories of the decolonization (collection of oral archives)

Memories of the decolonization (collection of oral archives)

The objective is to deepen and renew the scientific analysis of the connection between colonization and post-colonization by focusing not on immigration (the former colonized who immigrates to the former colonizer), but on cooperation. Cooperation refers to the men and women from the colonizing power who provide their savoir-faire in order to develop the former colony, a new nation-state. The goal is to understand who these French cooperation specialists were. Motivated by diverse factors, they arrived in larger numbers, starting in the autumn of 1962, first in Algeria, then in Morocco and Tunisia, despite the traumatism of war.
Enlarging the recent collections principally centered on university milieus, the project seeks to create new oral archives based on new testimonies from individuals of other socio-professional categories who brought cooperation to the Maghreb. The project is inscribed both in the framework of the BDIC’s 20th century oral archives and of the ISP’s research on issues of collective memory. Public seminars will allow the interactive presentation with the public of these collections, with their access provided by the BDIC, as well as the collection of data pertinent to their reception.

Project Leader

Valérie TESNIÈRE , Director of the BDIC , BDIC

Internal cluster partners

  • La contemporaine | library, archives, museum of contemporary societies
  • Institute for Social Sciences of Politics (ISP) - UMR 7220
  • Laboratory of Ethnology and Comparative Sociology (LESC) - UMR 7186

Associated partners

Ministry of Culture and Communication

Scientific Interest Group “Heritage institutions and intercultural practices” (GIS Ipapic)


2 years



Programme of the seminar ARCHICOOP, June 6th, 2014
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