INOUI, Music from the world of Nanterre

The web documentary “INOUI, music from the world of Nanterre,” presents one part of the ethnomusicological audiovisual corpus on the musical and dance heritage of one population: the inhabitants of Nanterre. The culmination of the research-action program “The musical heritage of Nanterrians,” the project was initiated by the University of Paris Nanterre’s department of anthropology (master’s EMAD) and developed within the LabEx The pasts in the present. Conducted in Nanterre since 2010, this ethnomusicological program mobilizes students in ethnomusicology and anthropology of dance and managed by a faculty member-researcher.

Beyond the archiving of repertoires and life stories, the project seeks to promote and bring to life the practices of Nanterrians. It aims to chart a living heritage, make known, and give legitimacy to little-known yet extraordinary musical practices

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Inouï (teaser) - EMAD (Univ. Paris Nanterre) - CREM (CNRS) - Ville de Nanterre - Musée du Quai Branly. from CAP Films on Vimeo.