Digital and material library for technologies

Digital and material library for technologies

Digital and material library for technologies: exploitation and editorialization of experimental resources for prehistory

The laboratory "Préhistoire & Technologie" (UMA7055) owns an important and renowned, though rather confidential until now, documentary collection on technics. This collection comes from experimental and ethno-archeological researches started in the 1980's. A digital and material library for technologies is being developed since 2015, with both research support units of the MAE, the MAN and the ENS Louis Lumière. This project aims at giving it a greater social and scientific impact and enabling the exploitation of these resources thanks to a broad range of skills : research, archive, engineering, video and museology. These different fields of expertise consist of the whole chain : organisation and preservation of collections, production of data and metadata, image processing and diffusion to a large public.

First of all, the objects and their documentation are being organised so that the collections can be physically accessible to researchers, academics and students, and become the support for a new work. Actions dedicated to dissemination and exploitation of research will follow an approach base on "artistic and cultural education" and "citizen science" (distance education, multisupport mediation, workshops in situ, multimedia devices).


Project Leader

Isabelle SIDERA , Directrice de la Maison Archéologie et Ethnologie, René-Ginouvès , Préhistoire et Technologies, UMR 7055

Internal cluster partners

  • Technology and Ethnology of Prehistoric Worlds - UMR TEMPS 8068
  • Maison des Sciences de l'Homme Mondes - USR 3225
  • Musée d'Archéologie nationale - Domaine de St-Germain-en-Laye

Associated partners

Le Grand-Pressigny, Musée de la Préhistoire

ENS Louis Lumière


36 mois


Diffusion, Passé, Techniques, Expérimentation, Ethno-­archéologie