Artists' libraries

The team of project "Dialectical Images, imaginary museums, virtuel museums" developed a specific analysis of artists' librairies and a documentary web portal.

This project uses new technologies to explore an often overlooked archive type, that of the artists' libraries of the 19th and 20th centuries. These archives are less than well known in art history and yet are very important to a more comprehensive understanding of artworks as well as of the artists’ creative process. Browsing through the collections of books, magazines, catalogs and illustrations of these libraries allows us to discover the cultural world of the artists and the making of their art from a new angle.

This website is designed as a portal dedicated to the study of artists libraries. You will not only find the lists of their books, but you will also be able to leaf through their digitized version, to discover a constantly updated inventory of library collections through an interactive map. You will also be given access to methodological tools and instruments to better analyze these resources.

Click here to reach the website "Bibliothèques d'artistes".