The Arkeotek Journal

The project of putting online the experimental and ethnoarcheological reference datasets on the archeological techniques materialized through the publication in The Arkeotek Journal of 6 reference datasets:

  • 3 on ceramic techniques (original article by C. Jeffra, 2015, and republished articles by A. Gelbert, 2003),
  • 1 on finishing techniques on hard rock beads (republished article by Errico et al.),
  • 1 on grinding materials (original article by S. Delgado, 2015), 1 on the collection modalities of the Columbella Rustica (original article by C. Perlès, 2016),
  • and 1 dataset on the function of bone points (original article by A. Legrand, 2016). These reference datasets feature the organization of data, illustrated with photographs, drawings, and films, depending on their analysis and interpretation, thereby offering their readers true knowledge bases.

The engineering work surrounding the editing and publishing of reference datasets is assured by MRSH of Caen.