Architecture, Literature, Philosophy, and Society at the End of the Enlightenment: the Digital Edition of "L'Architecture Considérée Sous Le Rapport De l'Art Des Moeurs Et De La Législation" by Claude-Nicolas Ledoux (LEDOUX)

Architecture, Literature, Philosophy, and Society at the End of the Enlightenment: the Digital Edition of

Claude-Nicolas Ledoux’s work L’Architecture considérée sous le rapport de l’Art des mœurs et de la législation is both the most famous and most enigmatic in all modern European architecture. However, it has not yet been published as a genuine scientific work. This project therefore aims to complete what Ledoux left unfinished, to conceive and reveal his great work. It will allow us to better understand his approach, which was didactic, philosophical, and poetic, in order to grasp his deep and complex vision of the role of architecture in society, both under the Old Regime and the new Republic. His conception of architecture as both political and social resonates in several ways with contemporary issues. The digitalisation and documentation of the scattered testimonies from Ledoux’s intended work has led to the initial development of a digital edition of the text to enable the organisation of collaborative work shedding light on the text and interpreting the images. The second phase of the project involves the finalisation of the critical framework (to accompany the text and images), and the digital edition will provide access to the text for all audiences. Finally, collaboration with the royal Saltworks establishment for cultural cooperation at Arc-et-Senans will allow us to reinvest in the critical framework to develop the content of the two digital interfaces at the saltworks:  two tactile interactive tables at the museum of models and the tablets assisting in the tour of the monument.

Project managers

Dominique MASSOUNIE , Université Paris Nanterre - HAR EA 4414

Fabrice MOULIN , Université Paris Nanterre - CSLF EA 1586

Internal cluster partners

  • Histoire des Arts et des Représentations (HAR) - EA 4414
  • Centre des Sciences des Littératures en langue Française (CSLF) - EA 1586
  • Bibliothèque nationale de France (BnF)

Associated partners

Saline royale d'Arc-et-Senans

Bibliothèque des Arts décoratifs

Institut national d'histoire de l'art (INHA)


3 years


architecture, littérature, Lumières, édition numérique, muséologie numérique