Title:  Dr
Position:  Postdoctoral fellow
Institution:  University Paris Nanterre , Archéologies et Sciences de l'Antiquité, UMR 7041

Takes part in the project:  Archives of archeological digs at prehistoric and ancient sites

Personal webpage:  Shaker Al-Shbib on the Arscan's website (

Shaker Al SHBIB is a Syrian archaeologist who has worked until 2011 for the Syrian Directorate General of Antiquities and Museums (DGAM) and served from 2005-2011 as the Director of Excavations and Archaeological Research in the Idlib Region. He has previously worked as an assistant curator and adjunct conservator at the Idlib Archaeological Museum.

Shaker Al-Shbib received his Master (2006) and Doctorate (2014) degrees from the Université de Paris 1 and his BA (2001) from Damascus University. He has co-directed the Syrian-French Excavation at Apamea (2003-2005), the Syrian-Lebanese Excavation at Cyrrhus (2006-2011), and the Syrian-Spanish Mission at Tall As Sin (2005-2008). He has also participated in a number of Archaeological projects including the Syrian-Japanese mission at Raqqa region (2005-2006), Doura-Europos (2002-2008), and Tell Afis (2004-2005).

In 2015 Al SHBIB joined the LabEx the past in the present as part of the project «archives of excavations of prehistoric and ancient sites».  He works both on the archives and documentation of the French mission in Southern Syria, and on the publication of his thesis entitled the fortifications of Cyrrhus-Nabi Houri from the Hellenistic period to the reconstruction by Justinian.Al SHBIB is a contracted heritage expert with the Smithsonian Institution and a consulting scholar at the Penn Museum. He has been working with the Safeguarding the Heritage of Syria and Iraq (SHOSI) Project since Januray 2014 on emergency conservation measures at key Syrian heritage sites at risk. Al-Shbib has planned and coordinated the SHOSI emergency preservation projects at the Ma’arra Museum, the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Ancient Villages of Northern Syria and the site of Ebla